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The second episode of the AIFC LegalTech Podcast is out!
AIFC LawTech Advisory Council is glad to release the second episode of ‘AIFC LegalTech Podcast’ – your easy to learn podcast about the legal technology and innovation in the legal industry.

In this episode, Mark Beer, OBE interviews Helen Tung about space law and other related legal issues in the space law arena.

The 2nd episode of the AIFC LegalTech Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other listening platforms.
24 Finalists Named for Inaugural American Legal Technology Awards
Twenty-four finalists in eight categories were announced this morning by organizers of the inaugural American Legal Technology Awards, a new round of awards that will honor companies and individuals who are making a difference in law through technology innovation.
Overview of Big Data and Cloud Computing Laws, Regulations and Policies in Central Asia
‘Cloud’ is a way of delivering computing resources as a utility service via the internet. Throughout the Central Asia, Clouds are being used to provide computing resources as a utility service through internet. “Cloud Computing” itself is emerging as an innovative area of technology and attracting substantial investments by government and private sector into infrastructure, platforms, and applications. Central Asia is demonstrating exponential growth in technological arena and there is a demand for cloud resources which is driven by such developments as the deployment on a vast scale of mobile apps and the rapid emergence of ‘Big Data’.

APIs: The cardiovascular system of the legal platform

One core component enabling a successful platform to help lawyers be more efficient is the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These API services allow applications to call upon another computer server to retrieve information. For example, if you check the temperature on your phone and it instantly tells you, then what likely occurred is that your phone’s weather app, working on the phone’s platform or operating system, made a request called a post that asked for the temperature, then listened for a response called the get.

EY Aims to Double Legal Services Revenue Over Next 12 Months

EY’s John Knox has a new job with an ambitious mandate: grow his part of the massive Big Four accountancy’s legal division—fast.
“Our plan is to double, triple, quadruple the size of our business pretty quickly,” Knox, who took over July 1 as EY’s new global legal managed services leader, told Bloomberg Law. That starts with doubling legal managed services revenues over the next 12 months, he said.
Knox’s plan is the latest sign that the Big Four—including Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC—and other alternative legal service providers are making a play for a larger piece of a market traditionally dominated by law firms. That comes as some states are considering changes to law firm ownership rules that could open the door.
Deloitte Legal supports LawWorks in launch of UK Free Legal Answers
Deloitte Legal is supporting the charity LawWorks (the Solicitors Pro Bono Group), in developing and launching a UK-focussed Free Legal Answers online platform that virtually connects individuals in need of legal advice with lawyers who are able to provide it on a pro bono basis.
The platform is currently in its early stages of a pilot but has provided advice to over 50 clients – with numbers expected to grow as more people are referred to the platform.
The future of legal technology and digital transformation—The Uncertain Decade
By 2030 we will see significant legal work being done by machines. As exponential growth of technology consumes to world, the legal industry is especially appetising. As a result, legal services will be fundamentally different than today in terms of both job function and the way legal services are provided.
In the final of a four-part global webinar series, The Uncertain Decade, Legal Geek brought us bold concepts and vision about the future of the legal industry
GPT-3 and another chat about the end of lawyers
So, thank goodness the world has something other than COVID-19 to talk about and it’s called GPT-3, a machine learning system that has eaten the internet and about which we can say two things, or perhaps three. 1) The long-term possibilities for legal are big but, spoiler alert, it is nowhere near capable of ‘taking over’ from lawyers. 2) GPT-3 will nonetheless no doubt start another wave of ‘end of lawyers’ debates, snore,. 3) A legal tech author could probably use GPT-3 to write their next book without anybody being able to tell the difference.
Erin Levine Is Taking Her Innovative ‘Hello Divorce’ Platform To All 50 States
The recognitions keep stacking up for Emeryville, Calif., attorney Erin Levine and her do-it-yourself divorce platform Hello Divorce. Earlier this year, the American Bar Association awarded her its James I. Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering, and just a few months before that, the practice management company Clio named her recipient of its 2019 Reisman Award for legal innovation.

Indian ODR Pioneer Presolv360 Links With iDefendo for Data Proof

Indian dispute resolution pioneer, Presolv360, has partnered with iDefendo, a digital proof company, to provide the ODR platform’s customers with an immutable trace-trail of transactions and documents that may become part of a case.

Presolv360 was created to help Indian businesses and individuals to avoid the incredibly lengthy and slow civil court system there – where a civil case can take 13 years on average. And where there are 30 million pending court cases, with 40,000 new cases filed each day in India.
The Future Of Work Now: Natalie Munroe And The Transformation Of Legal Service Delivery
Natalie Munroe doesn’t fit many of the expectations one might have about a senior lawyer at a large Canadian law firm. Her background may be fairly typical, having gone to law school in Canada, worked in a large US law firm, the in-house legal department of a large Canadian bank, and a number of years at Osler (officially Osler, Hoskin, and Harcourt LLP), a large Canada-based business law firm. Her focus areas as a corporate lawyer were not unusual either: she advised domestic and foreign companies on mergers and acquisitions, securities law matters and general corporate matters.
Smart contracts explained: Are you ready for the future of legal agreement?
The emergence of smart contracts is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most revolutionary developments in legal technology in recent years. Smart contracts enable the execution of the terms of a contract through a computer protocol. That in and of itself may not sound all that revolutionary, but it is what such execution permits humans to do that is groundbreaking. Here, I explain what smart contracts are, who uses them, and what their existence means for legal service providers going forward.
LegalTech Talks – The Future Normal
20 August 2020 | 11:00 BST | Online

Tara is responsible for designing, developing and delivering innovative technology-based solutions to clients at Ashurst. Tara maintains a legal practice focused on the technology sector and advising high growth companies on a full range of transactional matters.

Setting up a Virtual Law Firm in 5 easy steps!

22 August 2020 | 15:00 BDT | Online

The ongoing pandemic that we are all currently living in has taught the many of us new ways of doing work and has set new "normals." One of which being getting the job done remotely and without having bricks-and-mortar office. The Legal sector has witnessed and still is struggling with many challenges, overcoming them won't be easy, but it is a must.
Automating to Bolster Collections
25 August 2020 | 13:00 CDT | Online

More leading Aderant Expert firms are going digital to keep cash flowing and maintain business continuity in this uncertain market. We’ll explore how firms are using new invoice and payment processing automation to help bolster collections.

The application of eDiscovery tools in Latin America and Civil Law countries
25 August 2020 | 15:00 BST | Online

Join Luminance for a discussion with Juan Di Luca, Founder and Operations Director at Data Analysis Services Ltd on how eDiscovery tools can help Latin American organisations save time and cost, why certain LegalTech myths persist around the applicability of AI in Civil Law countries and how some markets are missing out on the real value AI solutions can offer.

Contractbook + University of Copenhagen Launch Legal Tech Academy

26 August 2020 | Online

The University of Copenhagen, leading Nordic legal tech company Contractbook, and Think Legal Tech, have joined forces to launch a Legal Tech Academy for young and future lawyers.

The trio have invited some of the leading experts and thought leaders on legal tech and innovation to discuss the legal industry of the future. The goal is to educate law students and newly graduated lawyers, and to prepare them for what lies ahead.


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