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AIFC Law Conference. Legal dialogues: Legal Tech, start-ups and entrepreneurship

On 30 June 2020, Victor Orlovski and Igor Rogov covered some of the relevant topics, including the wonderful world of Silicon Valley and what makes this place attractive for startups from around the world, doing business, innovations, legal technologies, the rules for successful investing, as well as the latest trends and challenges in the field of innovation.
AIFC Law Conference. Legal dialogues: Legal Tech, start-ups and entrepreneurship
AIFC Law Conference Panel Session: The Future of Law was held under the Online Astana Finance Days 2020

On 01 July 2020, International Experts who are Members of the AIFC’s groundbreaking LawTech Advisory Council discussed the way in which technology will transform the legal industry, and why it is critical the practitioners keep ahead of the curve, remain agile and leverage innovations for the benefit of their clients.
AIFC Law Conference Panel Session: The Future of Law
The presentation of the AIFC Law Application was presented at AIFC Law Conference 2020

During this session, Mr. Abu Muadh demonstrated the AIFC Law App. The AIFC Law App is a mobile application designed to be an educational tool for everyone who is interested in the AIFC Jurisdiction. The app will allow the users to learn about the AIFC’s legal framework by reading the AIFC acts both online and offline, watching educational videos, testing their knowledge, reading the latest news, and keeping updated on the upcoming events such as workshops, webinars, and many other courses.
Presentation of the AIFC Law Application
AIFC Law Conference 2020
Chairmen`s Room and Declaration on AIFC Law Conference 2020: Legal profession in challenging times
The Conference was historically culminated by Declaration of the AIFC Law Conference 2020 which announced views on strengthening legal profession and enlarging legal practice in the AIFC jurisdiction.
Mr. Mark Beer OBE, Chairman of the AIFC LawTech Advisory Council participated in this panel session. He has been asked to look to the future of law.
Ryerson launches free online legaltech startup incubator
Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone has launched its latest legal tech startup programme, which starts online in September. Sprint Studio is a free, 12-week intensive program to help early-stage startups around the world to develop innovative legal tech products, in particular to develop their proof of concept into a market-ready product.
New Global Legal Tech Report Charts State of Legal Tech Across Asia-Pacific Region
The GLTR has released reports covering Asia and New Zealand. When considered alongside the Australia report, they provide an overview of the state of legal tech across the Asia-Pacific region.
Taken together, the GLTR’s reports on Asia, Australia and New Zealand show that the majority of legal tech companies in the region are providers of integrated solutions rather than of point solutions.
Family court cases via Zoom the new normal
For family practice lawyer Beatrice Yeo, nine out of 10 family court hearings on her brief are done via Zoom.
The videoconferencing platform enables the disputing parties and their lawyers to attend hearings remotely from their homes, offices or elsewhere.
This is the emerging new normal in family law hearings, said lawyers, pointing to savings in cost and time as well as other benefits of virtual courts, which appear to be the inevitable future direction of the Singapore judicial system.
People in distress are dialing legal-tech startups
MUMBAI: Legal-tech startups are coming into their own with easy and accessible solutions for people in distress at a time when most are feeling confined due to pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.
Such startups are also challenging the notion that sound legal advice comes with a heavy price. Most startups are built around volume and scale with the help of technologies and that is helping startups to bring-down costs for their end-users.
The SKOLKOVO Foundation and Deloitte Legal launch a new educational project for lawyers
Technology is increasingly changing the global and Russian legal landscape, therefore lawyers need to continually adapt to new conditions. The project Participants will be able to learn how to avoid mistakes in the implementation of electronic document management and how innovation in the field of law help to transform the traditional business model.

Legal software company Dye & Durham files for IPO after dropping plan in 2018
Legal software provider Dye & Durham Corp. has filed to go public on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the second time after a pandemic-related delay to its listing plans.
The acquisitive Toronto company is looking to raise $100-million worth of stock at between $7 and $7.50 a share, of which $90-million would go to the company and $10-million would go to shareholder Seastone Invest Ltd., according to a prospectus filed with regulators on Monday. Its underwriters, led by Canaccord Genuity, Scotia Capital Inc., BMO Nesbitt Burns and Infor Financial Group Inc., have the option to buy another $15-million worth of stock.


Webinar on Cryptoassets & Smart Contracts (Outer Temple)
8 July 2020 | 12:00 BST | Online (Zoom)

Outer Temple invites you to a lunchtime webinar on Cryptoassets & Smart Contracts, presented by Dr Mimi Zou and Hin Liu of Oxford University Deep Tech Lab and John McKendrick QC, Chloë Bell, Jeremy Scott-Joynt.
Members of Outer Temple Chambers will collaborate with the Oxford University Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab to present a webinar on Cryptoassets and Smart Contracts.
Ask the Expert: Contracts: How smart can they be? (Webinar)
9 July 2020 | 16:00 BST | Online

In this webinar, Mark will explain the origins of smart contracts, how far they have come and how they are likely to develop. He will explore whether smart contracts are a more efficient way to contract, especially internationally and examine the pros and cons.
He will cover the impediments to smart contract adoption, and will also touch on the impact of China's Belt and Road Initiative and globalisation on smart contract development.
ALITA - Announcing the Global Legal Tech Report (Asia) Webinar 2020!
10 July 2020 | 13:00 SGT | Online

ALITA is proud to announce the GLTR Asia Webinar 2020, organised in conjunction with Global Legal Tech Report (Asia)!
The Asian Legal Tech market is kaleidoscopic, with different jurisdictions at different stages of development. As a region home to some of the world’s most tech-enabled countries, the Global Legal Tech Report reveals where Legal Tech hotspots can be found in this vast region.

A Legal Perspective: Emerging From Crisis and Responses to Recovery
14 July 2020 | 11:00 BST | Online

Hear from market-leading experts, Mark Beer, Co-Founder of The Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab, Oxford University and Oliver Hallsworth, Global Head of Legal and Compliance ADSS as they offer practical insights to help legal professionals in the region respond to the crisis and support their organization's recovery.
The Lawtech Debate: Legal Services after Covid-19
14 July 2020 | 13:00 BST | Online

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global lockdown has prompted several fundamental questions. Do people really need to gather together in buildings to settle legal disputes? Are legal services meeting the needs of businesses and society in this digital age? Should we return to the old ways or is it time to change for good?

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