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The power of legal technology to improve justice for all, and bridge the justice chasm: the latest article of Mark Beer OBE, Chairman of the AIFC LawTech Advisory Council in the Astana Times.

"With the Astana International Financial Center’s focus on Legal Technology and the recent establishment of an Advisory Council comprising some of the world’s LawTech thought leaders, there is an opportunity to bring the global focal point for legal technology to Kazakhstan."

Jur is launching the World’s First Multi-jurisdiction ODR Platform

COVID-19 exposed our justice systems as outdated, a problem Jur has been working on for years. Now, Jur is announcing the culmination of all that work: The Open Justice Platform.

The Open Justice Platform is a multi-jurisdiction, fast, low cost, and decentralized facilitator of commercial justice.

Separating the People from the Problem |

Colin Rule and the rise of online dispute resolution

When the Apple II was released in 1977, it was among the first computers marketed and mass-produced for businesses and individuals alike. Apple would later adopt the slogan “The computer for the rest of us,” hinting at its technology’s broad appeal among a nonexpert consumer base. It is fitting, then, that as a grade school student in 1980, Colin Rule first dabbled in the world of online dispute resolution (ODR) by running a bulletin board out of his bedroom in North Texas with the help of his Apple II Plus.
Legal Tech landscape in Central Eastern Europe - subjective list by Roman Koch
When analyzing the Legal Tech landscape around the world, you can get the impression that this market is mainly limited to solutions offered by suppliers from the USA, UK, Germany or Australia. While the Legal Tech market has reached a certain maturity in these countries, Central Eastern Europe is a place where there is still a huge area for development and where disruptive and scalable startups are also emerging and which have the potential to succeed on a global scale. In today's article I would like to present a subjective list of Legal Tech solutions from CEE regions that are worth noting.
New Zealand government algorithm charter leads the way
Building on previous artificial intelligence (AI) research by the New Zealand Law Society, the Charter emphasizes that more complex algorithms can be used to support human decision-making, helping the Government to better understand New Zealand and New Zealanders. It goes on to recognize that a principled approach is needed to realize this potential and mitigate the risk of unintended consequences, and as such, government agencies that sign onto the Charter commit to following its principles when using algorithms to help serve the people of New Zealand.

The report on "Recent Policies, Regulations and Laws Related to Artificial Intelligence Across the Central Asia"

Artificial Intelligence as technology is developing fast in Central Asian Region. In Post COVID World, it is expected to change the people's lives by improving healthcare (e.g. making diagnosis more precise, enabling better prevention of diseases), increasing the efficiency of state institutions (e-governments), contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, improving the efficiency of production systems through predictive maintenance, increasing the security of Central Asian, and in many other ways that we can only begin to imagine.
LexisNexis Accepting Applicants for Fifth Cohort of Legal Tech Accelerator
LexisNexis announced that it is accepting applications for the fifth cohort of the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator. The program is designed to give start-ups a leg-up in the rapidly expanding legal tech industry. The Accelerator leverages LexisNexis expertise in legal, technology and start-up domains, and industry-leading market position to advise and incubate program participants.
The Accelerator will run September through November 2020. For the first time, the program will be a fully virtual experience due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
GPT-3 – A Game Changer For Legal Tech?
Tech circles have been lit up over the last few weeks following the unveiling by OpenAI of GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3), a new type of pretrained language model capable of generating natural language text and computer code with the most minimal of inputs. Could it be a game changer for legal technology, especially in relation to NLP tools that analyse text, as well as doc generation systems?
Three keys to providing successful online legal services
In 2011 Marc Andreessen said, “software is eating the world.” Nearly a decade later, the digital world is also “eating” or consuming legal services. How can lawyers, traditional law firms, and company legal departments address the digital transformation of their services?

Managing your contract lifecycle

The Covid-19 crisis has created an environment where working from anywhere has suddenly become the “new normal”. This has put digitalisation on the map for companies that want to achieve independence and flexibility in the way they operate. The legal department is not usually on the radar for many companies looking to drive digitalisation and automation. However, with today’s existing tools and capabilities, it can become an area that is at the forefront of automation in any company. One particularly good example is the management of contractual relationships using a Contract Lifecycle Management solution.
The future is biased | Christina Blacklaws | TEDx
Our world is designed for men and is, sadly, full of bias. If we're not careful, we could hard wire all the bias that exists into our futures as computers can't be trusted to make unbiased decisions. In this talk, Christina Blacklaws explains why.
The future is biased | Christina Blacklaws | TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells
Artificial Lawyer TV – ‘Are US Law Firms Really Innovating?’
Today’s ‘On The Spot’ interview is with Ryan McClead, Principal & CEO, Sente Advisors LLC. Prior to setting up the legal tech consultancy, Ryan was SVP at Neota Logic, and also worked on global innovation initiatives at Norton Rose Fulbright. In short, he knows a thing or two about tech and what law firms are doing with it.
Which is why AL TV has asked him to answer this key question: ‘Are US law firms really innovating?’
Artificial Lawyer TV - 'Are US Law Firms Really Innovating?' With Ryan McClead, Sente Advisors.

#LawFestLive - New Zealand’s only virtual legal innovation + technology event

05 August 2020 | Online

LawFest provides outstanding opportunities for the New Zealand legal community to learn, connect, establish relationships, and discover technology that matters to you and your business. At LawFest events, we explore how to transform the practice of law and provide practical advice that you can take back to your organisation.
The CLM Imperative: Why Modernizing Contracting Is Mission-Critical for Business
06 August 2020 | 11:00 PDT | Online

Now more than ever, contracts — and the data intelligence goldmine they hold — are key to organizations who hope to stay agile as their business adapts to changing economic landscapes and changing business relationships. When your contracts are fast, your business is fast; when your contracts are slow, your business is slow.
A solution that can connect people, processes, and data involved in business contracts is no longer optional — it’s table stakes. Contract Lifecycle Management solutions are evolving to meet that need.

LegalTech Talks | Innovation Roundtable – Legal Innovation, R&D and Tech

12 August 2020 | 15:00 BST | Online

With innovation at the forefront of legal community to allow closer alignment with clients, this session will discuss the importance of R&D for delivery of legal services and driving innovative client solutions.
This panel will discuss the legal sector innovation hubs, new solution offerings and the challenges of delivery whilst exploring the long-term benefits this offers.
LawPavilion LegalTech Conference 2020: A New Paradigm in Justice Delivery
13 - 14 August 2020 | Online

Africa's largest gathering of legal and technology experts as we begin the movement for building a technology driven ecosystem for legal service and justice delivery in Nigeria beyond today's manual systems.

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